Duration: 1 month
Course Size: 23 lessons of theory and practice
You will spend up to 20 minutes per day studying the course
13 video-practices in the main part of the course + 1 free practice
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Do you want to make vegetables the mainstay of your diet?
To do this, you need to:
– Learn all the techniques for cooking vegetables;
– Learn how to cook vegetables deliciously, so that the family would ask for more;
– Assemble a menu for any season, using the constructor principle

Want to introduce vegetables into your diet, but don’t know how?
– Recipes from the Internet do not solve the problem;
– The vegetables turn out tasteless, some just fall apart, turning into mush;
– Self-experimentation will never succeed;

In order to make your diet more vegetable, it is necessary to:
1. Try different dishes as a family
It is essential that you and your loved ones try all possible combinations of vegetables from light salads to full meals. Exactly, this will allow you to find your individual taste combinations and preferences.
2. learn vegetable cooking techniques.
Don’t forget that the most important thing is understanding the techniques of cooking vegetables. Cooking them incorrectly can kill not only the flavor, but also the benefits. Learn all possible techniques to be able to create.
3. Experiment with new recipes.
When you’ve already learned the techniques for cooking vegetables, you’ll know what new recipes you can make with them. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even if you didn’t like a particular vegetable dish, maybe you just didn’t like the way it was prepared or the spices used in the recipe didn’t work for you.


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