Duration: 1 month
Course Size: 24 lessons of theory and practice
You will spend up to 20 minutes per day studying the course
8 video practice sessions in the main body of the course
Course Access: 6 months



In just one month, you’ll be cooking 20 more delicious meals for your loved ones:
Learn to work with all types of mincemeat (meat, fish, vegetables and poultry);
discover new cooking techniques and flavor combinations;
You will delight yourself and your loved ones with amazing dishes from the restaurant.

Training format:
– Individual, start immediately upon payment or group
– The course takes place on the school’s learning platform
– You can take the course from your phone, tablet or computer
– On the platform you hand in your assignments: pictures of cooking steps, which are evaluated by the chef-curator
– For prompt support in the process of grocery shopping or cooking you are added in a private chat with the chef-curator

Approach to teaching:
– The course is 90% made up of foods that are sold near your home, but if something is missing, the chef will find you a substitute
– Included are daily specials and holiday dishes for special occasions
– Almost every dish is a construction course: after the course, you can change ingredients and get new recipes and flavor combinations


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