Quiche and tarts


This mini-course is for those who want to bake pies, tarts and tarts at home!
You will learn how to bake basic types of shortbread and chopped dough,
You’ll also understand how to make pies based on them with whatever you have on hand!



What you get on the course:

You will understand how to work with shortbread and chopped dough

Understand the essence of baking and working with dough will help you in the theoretical block of the course, where you will study:
– The basics of working with dough
– Formulas for chopped, puff pastry, and shortbread dough:
– How chopped dough differs from puff pastry and sand dough (by technology);
– The “blind baking” technique ;
– The secrets of ideal fillings;
– The pie builder: what kinds of dough can be combined with what fillings?
– Rules for storing dough and finished pies from it.

You will prepare:

3 types of dough
+ 3 popular recipes
+ 3 extra recipes
– Chopped dough with cottage cheese;
– Chopped puff pastry;
– Shortbread dough;
– Loran quiche with chicken;
– Blueberry pie with filling;
– Banana pie with chocolate;
– Breton pie;
– Raspberry Pie;
– Salmon Quiche.

Throughout the course you will be supported by an experienced pastry chef

We have assembled a team of experts, each author specializes in his type of dough, this is done to ensure that during the course you learn all the nuances and secrets. Also, throughout the course, an experienced Pastry Mentor will answer your questions.


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