No more questions:
“What to make for breakfast?”

Course Scope:
– 30 lessons of theory and practice
– 20 video practice



Who is the course for?

1. Tired of the constant sandwiches and porridge?
There are routine breakfasts that you used to make in a hurry on weekdays, but what to make for a new breakfast from simple products – you do not know?

2. Need holiday breakfasts on the weekends?
Do you want to have a mini-holiday at home on weekends and cook something special for breakfast so the whole family can gather around the table, no rush, have a delicious breakfast and chat?

3. do you want taste development in your children?
Is it important for you that your child is familiar with different foods and flavor combinations so that he or she can eat more nutritious and varied meals in the future, not the eternal bread – pizza – pasta?

Course Program

In this course you will learn:

– Learn all the basic types of a variety of breakfasts
*Cheese curd breakfasts;
* porridge;
*Pancakes, fritters, and pancakes;
*breakfast baked goods;
* scrambled eggs and omelets
*shakshuka and those eggs Benedict .

– Making preparations so you can cook on short notice
*The course will show you what meals you can prepare ahead of time, keep in the fridge (and for how long) or freeze to save time in the morning and cook quickly.

– A constructor to make new options from what’s available
*Also, in the course we will talk in detail about possible substitutions and variations of breakfast dishes so that you can easily substitute ingredients, play with flavors, and cook from what you have at home today.


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