Passage of this module, dedicated only to the bird.

Online accompaniment by a chef
On the website and in the chat group
for 6 months.

Access to all club materials: articles, podcasts,
recorded and live webinars with experts
(25+ webinars now in the database).



Be on your toes with poultry: Learn how to choose and cook juicy and tasty poultry in 4 weeks!

In just one month, you’ll be cooking 20 more delicious meals for your loved ones:
– You’ll learn how to choose and prepare delicious poultry: chicken, duck, turkey;
– You’ll learn how to prepare both quick basic dishes and dressy poultry dishes for the holidays;
– In addition to poultry, you will prepare 5 new side dishes and 4 choices of sauces and dressings;

Why sign up for the course?
1. Basic Knowledge
You can work your way through it all, trying to figure it out on your own. Or you can work with the chef to understand the principles of selecting and working with all the main types of poultry.
2. Tested recipes.
We’ve put together a unique menu for you, where every dish is great at home and made with the products available. The recipes are tested and perfected by the chef. You’re sure to succeed!
3 Online Support.
A professional chef is with you on the site and in the chat group . You don’t know which piece to choose or something went wrong? Contact us and we’ll get you help in no time!


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