Course length:

– 6 lessons of theory and practice
– 5 video-practices



Who is the course for?

1. Do you love cheesecake, but finding a really good one is an impossible task for you?
We know how hard it is to find a really good cheesecake that is worth the money and the calories you eat. Sometimes it’s a little dry, sometimes it’s a little greasy, sometimes it’s too sweet, then it’s just not clear at all…

2. Have you tried baking cheesecake recipes from the Internet, but it turned out wrong or burnt, cracked and did not taste good?
How easy it can be to be disappointed in yourself when it doesn’t work, but often the problem is not us, but the poorly chosen recipes and lack of help and support at the start.

3. Do you want to make homemade desserts for your loved ones so you can be sure of their quality?
Do you have kids in the family and care about the food they eat? Cheesecake is a great dessert that both adults and kids love. And if you make it yourself, you can make sure that the composition of such a dessert is safe even for the youngest toddlers

The course includes:
✅ Practice: Classic Cheesecakes

🔻 Theory. Cheesecake Designer.

✅ Practice: Chocolate cheesecake

✅ Practice: Strawberry cheesecake with lemon mousse

✅ Practice: Basque cheesecake with ganache

✅ Bonus: Cold cheesecake without baking

You’ll learn how to make cheesecake at home tastier than most cafes and bakeries in your city!


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