Teaching how to cook deliciously
for happiness at home!

We will help to avoid mistakes for beginners and learn new dishes for experienced cooks

Cooking a lot and a long time, but it feels like the same thing?
Spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the results aren’t worth your efforts at all?
You want everything in the kitchen to be quick and easy, but it doesn’t work that way.

Training format

Cooking well is a skill, not a gift.
Not everyone has been taught to cook since childhood and not everyone has had good cooking at home.
But you can figure it out once and for life.
To do that, you have to understand the products,
the techniques and technology behind the recipes.
You can cook tastier at home than in a restaurant.
Without any extra effort or time.

What will you learn on the course?

Cook easily from what you have on hand, understand the principle of the constructor and easily come up with your own recipes, making substitutions

Know how to cook several hundred recipes and have collected your own database of proven recipes

Feel confident at the counters in the store, knowing what products are worth buying and what is better to avoid

Choose courses to suit your needs

How to cook diverse

How to learn to cook dozens of dishes in 1 week? In this course you will cook three basic dishes. You think that’s not enough? Each dish is a proven recipe from the chef of the simplest products, but with an original and interesting taste. You will learn the principle of the constructor, so that further with the same set of products to create new, their own versions of dishes. A great course to get you started, to get acquainted with the school and understand the training format.

Basic сooking сourse

Behind all the recipes on the Internet there are only a dozen techniques. Study them and you will be able to understand the processes, cook with any set of products and feel confident in the kitchen. This course is the most popular course in school. And for good reason. In just two months, you’ll learn all the basic techniques and techniques and significantly expand your menu


What’s the perfect breakfast? Different, of course! On weekdays you want a quick one, on weekends you want a measured one. And sometimes you want brunch breakfasts, hearty and interesting flavors. In this course you will learn how to cook all the basic types of breakfast, learn the rules of making to save time and master the principles of the constructor to cook with what you have.

Eat Poultry

This course is perfect for you if your family loves and eats a lot of poultry and you’re already exhausted from thinking up new things to make with it. In this course you will learn both the basics of choosing and keeping poultry and different ways to cook chicken, turkey and duck so that every time you get a delicious meal like in a restaurant, but from simple products and with a minimum of effort.

Eat meat

What’s the biggest challenge with meat? Cooking a great chop and it comes out unexpectedly “sole”?! The basic secret to a good meat dish is that you just have to get it right for the dish. This course is about that. About how to choose and cook different cuts of pork, beef and lamb.

Eat Fish

If you’re looking to add more fish to your diet, this course is for you. First of all we created it for those who are not very fond of fish and that’s why we offered such a menu, so that the taste of fish is interesting to beat and you want to repeat it over and over again. Fish lovers will also be delighted, because the course deals with various marinades and sauces, which will perfectly complement all the usual fish dishes.

Have a side dish

Don’t look at the title of the course – it’s not about boring boiled cereals. This course is about how to make full, interesting and nourishing dishes from cereals and pasta that the whole family will love. Want to add more cereals to your diet? With this course, you’ll be up to the task in no time. After all, how can you not make paella, perlotto, or pilaf many, many times when it’s so delicious?

There’s stuffing

Knowing how to work with minced meat is a separate skill, so we’ve put it in a separate course. Do you want to learn how to make juicy cutlets of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables? Figure out the cutlet builder and voila. Kids love casseroles and burgers? You’ll learn how to make that, too. An ideal course for families with children.

Eat Vegetables

Want to add more vegetables to your diet, but can’t get beyond a couple of recipes to make your diet varied? In this course you will learn how to prepare a variety of salads, study the salad constructor, understand the difference in cooking summer and winter vegetables, and considerably diversify your menu with recipes from the chef

Quiches and Tarts

It’s hard to think of simpler and more spectacular pies than quiches and tarts. The dough takes 5-7 minutes to make, and the pie takes up to 30 minutes to bake. That’s all, a beautiful and delicious pie on the table. You can meet guests with such a pie, or just cook it to please yourself and your loved ones.

Cupcakes and muffins

Muffins are a quick bake for tea. It’s simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge of how to work with dough. But how versatile it is. You can bake muffins with different additives, flavorings, change the flour, make icing, decorate with cream, bake in small or large molds, or impregnate with different spoils. Endless creativity!

Those Cheesecakes

Learn how to make the classic New York cheesecake from a tried-and-true recipe, master the cheesecake constructor to easily make substitutions, and get hooked on 4 more different cheesecake variations. Bake tastier cakes at home than most pastry stores and stores in your city!

No risk!

You’ll like it or we’ll give you your money back.

The most valuable thing to us is your results and the experience you have with us.
If within the first 14 days of starting the training you realize it’s not what you planned to get,
let us know and we’ll give you your money back.