Side dishes


Course program
In just one month, you’ll be cooking 12 more delicious, complex meals for your loved ones
that you’re unlikely to undertake on your own



Nourishing, boring side dishes that even the biggest fussies will love!

There’s always not enough time. For myself, for my family, for sports, for a book…
But you still have to cook.
You have to boil rice or make macaroni and cheese…
or make macaroni and cheese.
It’s up to you to make sure the people around you say, “wow,” with delight,
when you take the lid off the pan when you serve it.
It’s up to you to learn how to make delicious quick meals with what you have at home!

Why sign up for the course?
1. System knowledge
You can look for bits and pieces of information, trying to figure it out on your own. Or you can work with the chef to understand the principles of selecting and working with all the main types of cereals.
2. Tested recipes
We’ve put together a unique menu for you, where each dish is perfect for the home and made with available products. The recipes are tested and perfected by the chef.
You’re sure to succeed!
3 Online Support.
A professional chef is online with you on the site and in the group chat. You don’t know what to replace grits or something went wrong? Contact us and we’ll give you instant help!


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