Course Program

In this course you will learn how to select, prepare and cook all the popular methods of pork, beef and lamb.
Each lesson is a complete menu from the chef with perfectly selected garnishes and sauces so you can enjoy dishes like you would from a restaurant, prepared in your own kitchen.

Course length:
– 35 lessons of theory and practice
– 9 video practices

— 17 recipes in the main part of the course



Who is the course for?

Can’t choose? You don’t know how to choose meat and get lost in the abundance of incomprehensible names: “rump”, “loin”, etc. Do not know which meat is better to take for kebabs, and which for stew?
Is the meat tough as a “sole”? Roast or bake meat hoping to get the most tender and juicy dish, but it turns out dry and tough?
No variety in the menu? The family loves meat dishes and you cook 3-5 familiar dishes and do not know how to go beyond that?

“I have found out for myself that:

Meat is easy to cook.
The whole beauty of taste is in high-quality meat and a proper combination of spices and herbs.
The main thing is to choose a suitable side dish, and the whole dish will be original and exquisite.
What did I like about the course:

Well told, how to choose the meat and properly prepare it for further cooking.
The tips on storing ready dishes were very useful, and how long the meat should rest in order to uncover its flavor.
Vladimir shared his professional secrets of cooking meat, told and showed us everything in a very accessible way. You believe in 100% success of the started business.”


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