Course length:
– 22 lessons of theory and practice
– 8 practical videos
– 18 recipes in the main course
– 12 recipes in the additional part



Who is the course for?

– Don’t know how to choose? Avoid fish because you don’t know how to choose fresh fish, and frozen fish is not trustworthy.
– Cutting seems like a living hell? After cutting the fish, the kitchen feels like a fish market by the look and smell.
– No variety on the menu? You know you should eat fish 2-3 times a week, but you can’t get fish on the menu.

Learn how to choose and cook any fish, even the simplest one, as delicious as in a restaurant. So you don’t have to choose: tasty or healthy? Now your lunches and dinners are both delicious and healthy!

Course program

In the course you will learn how to cook all popular and commercially available types of fish with the most popular cooking techniques:

– frying
– baking
– stewing
– salting

Each lesson has a detailed block of fish substitutions so that you can both cook exactly according to the recipe and make deviations, but according to the chef’s recommendations, to preserve the flavor of the dish.


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