Basic сooking сourse


Course Program

The scope of the course is for 2 months of training, but you can go faster or slower.
There are 20% of the activities that produce 80% of the results in the kitchen. You will learn basic techniques and techniques and add new tasty dishes to your home menu.

Duration: 2 months
Course Size:
– 117 lessons of theory and practice
– 32 video-practices
– 97 total practices



Behind all the recipes on the Internet there are only a dozen techniques. Study them and you will be able to understand the processes, cook with any set of products and feel confident in the kitchen.
And most importantly, it’s delicious and fun. For your own pleasure.

Training format

* Learn from chefs
The teachers at the school are professionals with years of experience. During the training you will do your homework on the school’s platform and get a detailed analysis from the chefs-curators. Ask the chefs questions on the platform or in the chat room

* Study when it’s convenient
All lessons are already recorded, so watch and prepare whenever it’s convenient. There is a mandatory “stop-lesson” within the course, which gives you access to a large number of open lessons at once.

* Cook with the products available
We have tried to make it so that you spend minimal time on grocery shopping and can always buy groceries on your way home. But sometimes, for an interesting flavor, you may need unusual products. Each practice has detailed substitutions or you can discuss substitutions with the chef in chat if you don’t eat something.


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